Discover Your Personal Energetic Blue Print


Mini Energetic Blue Print & Chakra Reading

30 min session


Discover your energetic blue print with a numerology session at The Chakra Studio or remotely.


1.5 hour session


Experience an in depth chakra balancing, healing the mind, body and spirit, through the use of Reiki, colour, sound and aroma. We'll also look into your current energy cycle to guide you through any life challenges by diving into your numerology chart.

Energy Blue Print Mapping.jpg

Energetic Blue Print Mapping


Working with your name and birth date can give illuminating information into your life path, current energy flow and your innate personality and desires.

This is a remote session. All the information will be provided to you to read in the comfort of your own space.

I have visited Anna on a couple of occasions this summer. We have checked chakras, done Reiki and talked numbers!! I was fascinated to learn more about the significance of my birth date and the energy of our ‘numbers’. Every time I leave feeling lighter and intrigued. It has helped me to consider what my chakras are trying to tell me and to use this positively when navigating every day life. Thanks Anna. I will be back!
— A.J