Chakra Readings


30 Min Chakra Reading and Mini Healing Session


Take some time out of your day for some clarity and a mini healing session.

We will dowse your chakras and rebalance those that are needing some attention. You will come away with some lifestyle changes and additions you can implement to continue your self healing and transform your health.


15 Min Chakra Reading


Join me in The Chakra Studio for a chakra reading and discuss some easy, at home practises to retune them and transform your wellbeing.


Distance Chakra Reading


Using a photo of yourself and your signature we can connect energetically to dowse your chakras and provide you with a unique insight into your health and wellbeing.

You will be sent a detailed break down of chakra’s energies and some lifestyle ideas to transform and rebalance them.

I went to The Chakra Studio feeling stressed and worried about my future. I came out feeling calm and relaxed and positive about what the future now holds. Anna brings together multiple techniques to help you understand what is going on in life and to bring your energies back to centre so that you can thrive as your best self.
— V.C