The Half Term Burn Out And 5 Things You Can Do About It.

Here in Perthshire, in Scotland, October brings the Tattie Holidays where children, traditionally, were chucked out into the fields for a wholesome day of work that in turn swelled their and the household coffers. Sadly not so today. Parents, not just in my nook of Perthshire but all over the country have been engaged in the childcare/work dance for most of October and frankly weโ€™re exhausted! 

It's Time for a Seasonal Detox

Now is the perfect time to do a short detox to support our bodies through this seasonal change and set us up for the winter to come. Here is a recipe for a delicious KITCHARI, a mono-diet and a Sattvic food (one of the three qualities, or trigunas, that coexist with the doshas to create a balanced state of mind) that creates calm and stability, while kindling our digestive fire (agni) and finally holds the capacity for happiness  - exactly what we need as the nights draw in.

The Symbolism of Triangles at The Chakra Studio

The triangle glyph (considered to be unique marks that collectively add up to the spelling of a word or contribute to a specific meaning of what is written) I have chosen for The Chakra Studio means TRANSFORM.

Ultimately triangles mean strength and resilience. No matter how much pressure you put on one you can not break it. It is the same with the Chakra System: if you have kept them balanced they will be strong and you will be resilient.

POP-UP Studio at The Mill House, Monzie

I am delighted to be holding sessions at the newly renovated luxury Bed and Breakfast, The Mill House, in the village of Monzie. This stunning five bed (all en-suite) former mill has recently opened as a Bed and Breakfast and it can also be rented out exclusively to accommodate 10 people making it the perfect location for gatherings. To book an appointment at The Chakra Studio please take a look HERE.

What is the fascination with Chakras all of a sudden?

Chakras are volatile things that can be as easily brought back into balance as they are thrown off kilter. From the colours you surround yourself with to the vibrant food you eat, right down to the words we speak and the music we listen to THESE ALL have an intrinsic affect on our energies and subsequently our health and wellbeing. But if your energies are persistently unbalanced and you harbour stagnant energies within your body dis-ease occurs and pain and illness manifests. It is as simple as that. Scary, I know.