Photo: Magdalena Ostrowska Photography

Photo: Magdalena Ostrowska Photography

I am a certified Advanced Reiki Practitioner, an Intuitive Energy Healer and Communicator, Dowser and a student of Auyrveda and Yoga.

I curate multiple vibrational therapies to balance the Chakra system and read your inherent energy vibration and blue print. By providing guidance on how that energy is manifesting in your life right now you can embrace that flow in order to maximise opportunities and overcome challenges.

We work together to remove physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks to transform your life, health and wellbeing.

Reiki was a completely new concept to me before I had a session with Anna. I found the whole experience enlightening, informative and renewing. It was also the most relaxed I’d felt since having my first baby 5 months ago. It really helped me to identify areas of imbalance within my body and gave me a heightened awareness of both my physical and mental wellbeing for which I’m really grateful. For that reason, I’d highly recommend Anna and the chakra studio.
— H.P


My Journey

Some would imagine the leap from Marketeer to Healer is a bizarre twist in direction but I am first and foremost a Mother, a Daughter, a Wife and a Sister before I was ever a Company Director.

Becoming a mother at the age of 29 was a pinnacle moment - life would never be the same again! I remember lying in the bath reflecting on the changes in my life, what life was all about and how I needed to make the most of life now. Today I have three hilariously, brilliant boys and they have taught me so much about the sort of person I need to be for them to grow into the type of men I hope they will become.

I was born into a very nurturing energy flow but it has taken many years to realise and embrace that. Having delved into, and accepted, my Energy Blue Print my inherit nurturer has gone into overdrive in recent years!

Alternative Therapies were a thing of mystic and wariness for me a few years ago but I will be forever grateful for the day that I was guided to pick up a book about Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. It changed my life. But I would never have indulged in it if it hadn’t been for imminent grief on the horizon. It is in moments of despair that we reach for other explanations and I only wish I had had these tools to hand before my father got sick.

Finding anything to make him more comfortable when treatment stopped was paramount; as was supporting my mother, sister and myself. I turned to aromatherapy and essential oils to boost everyone’s immune systems, quell moments of despair and usher in some moments of calm and relaxation. The energy practises in Eden’s book kept me grounded and alert in the long nights that ultimately ended with us all, including his beloved dogs, on the bed at home saying goodbye.

From that day, something that I had never knowingly experienced or knew anything about followed me everywhere. In magazines, in google adverts, in shop window notices - Reiki was calling me.

I found a course nearby but was too unsure of myself to actually book it. Then a curious thing happened. A friend called me out of the blue to tell me she was in my neck of the woods heading for a reiki session and thought she’d tell me. Ummmmm Okay?! After her session she called me back, high as a kite and speaking ten to the dozen about her experience. I tentatively told her that I seen a course and was interested in learning more about it. I told her about Lendrick Lodge and Victoria Mulhearn, a revered Reiki Master with a strong lineage, and as the phone leaped out of my hand to the squeals of my friend I heard her tell me that her session had just been with Glade, one of only two Reiki Masters to have gone through Victoria’s years long apprenticeship. Well that sealed the deal; yet another sign. We booked up together and haven’t looked back since.

Letting Reiki in my life has allowed me to look after myself better, it has supported me in times of stress and illness. I know what I need to do now and in order to grow and embrace my creativity and nurturing side. The Chakra Studio is coming and I am looking forward to supporting others in their health and wellbeing journeys.